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When to Hire A Career Coach

Hope Winters

· Career

Experienced career coach and mental health counselor Hope Winters holds an MBA from the Columbia Business School and has worked with undergraduates attending colleges across New York City. Hope Winters also offers individualized career counseling for professionals at all career stages through her private coaching practice.

Career coaches help their clients identify their strengths and passions and how they can put their skills to use in the job market. There are a variety of reasons for seeking out the services of a career coach.
Lack of Career Path: Taking on jobs without a long-term vision of a desired career path can lead to people feeling stuck. Career coaches assist clients in refining their career goals and determining actionable steps to take to move a career forward.
Loss of Interest in Current Work: On the other hand, people may lose passion for a career that they spent many years building. A career coach can help people in this situation understand the root of their problem and find suitable solutions.
No Job Offers after Interviews: Career coaches often work with jobseekers, especially those who can secure interviews but don’t receive offers. The coach may review their job search strategy and interview skills and provide useful advice.

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